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Data Resources

Person using a computer stylus to draw a social network, using circles and lines to connect people and groups, in the foreground in front of a laptop.

CARD builds innovative technology products to support Alzheimer’s disease researchers and collaborators in their data science needs. 

The following resources were generated by CARD's Data Science Expert Group:

  • CRISPRbrain: An open-science data commons for functional genomics screens in edited, differentiated human cell types, in collaboration with the Kampmann Lab at the University of California-San Francisco.
  • GenoML: A repository for democratized genomics and automated machine-learning workflows.

Other data resources supported by CARD include:

  • Gravity: A collaborative effort to bring together all available ADRD and NDD data silos with cloud-based computing power and secure, safe connections to harmonized data.
  • OmicSynth: Artificial intelligence-driven network models and causal inferences derived from diverse sets of summary statistics. Knowledge exploration and synthesis in ADRD multiomics.
  • Spectrum: A collaboration to build better data harmonization tools and more accurate representations of ADRD and NDD diagnoses. This work sees ADRD and NDD as a continuum, not discrete units.

Learn more about the Data Science Expert group