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Expert Groups

Advancing Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias (ADRD) research requires collaboration from diverse scientists in the field. CARD’s expert groups are designed to enhance the exchange of information and foster synergistic approaches in key research areas. Expert groups also provide guidance and consultation on Research Challenges of Interest to CARD. Current groups include:

Data Science Expert Group

This group aims to cultivate an open-source / open-science data ecosystem for CARD and the greater research community while helping to build a stronger, more diverse data science community at CARD and the broader NIH.

Learn more about the Data Science Expert Group.  

Single Cell Sequencing Expert Group

This group is committed to expanding the genetic diversity of samples and is using single cell technologies to create a human brain atlas from hundreds of ancestrally diverse individuals.

Learn more about the Single Cell Sequencing Expert Group.  

Mass Spectrometry Expert Group

This group tackles the post-genetic aspects related to ADRD pathology and fundamental cell biology, as well as translational medicine for MS-based tool development to enable new biomarkers, patient stratification, and surrogate markers of diseases.

Learn more about the Mass Spectrometry Expert Group.  

Automated Cell Culture Expert Group

This group aims to optimize human induced pluripotent stem cell (hiPSC) culture and differentiation conditions to reliably and reproducibly use hiPSCs as an experimental model to understand the molecular and cellular mechanisms of ADRDs.

Learn more about the Automated Cell Culture Expert Group.


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